Support for Production Teams

Therapeutic Support

Some productions can contain content which is distressing for the team members that are working on it. There are also times when production staff are struggling with mental health difficulties which may be impacting their work. These therapeutic sessions can provide a safe space for the individual to explore and work on what they are going through.

Therapeutic support is charged per therapeutic hour. An initial session will be conducted to establish the nature of input required and how many sessions will be necessary.

Decompression Sessions

When production teams are required to immerse themselves in challenging situations as part of the production that they are working on, it can take its toll psychologically. The decompression sessions help members of the production team to decompress when they return to their home after being away filming on location. This support is especially helpful for teams who have been working in challenging environments or with challenging content such as crime productions.

Decompression is charged per session and will usually involve a daily session for a week, or every other day for two weeks. The exact amount of input will be decided based on the presentation of the individual seeking the support.

Training for Production Teams

For productions that are working with contributors who may have experienced trauma, we offer training on how best to manage the filming process with the contributor. For example, we regularly offer training on working with sexual abuse or post traumatic stress disorder.

Training is charged per session.