Duty of care for TV Contributors

Pre-production assessments

We offer pre-production assessments for a range of programming formats. The assessments will vary in nature depending on the risk profile of the production that we are assessing for. Through the initial pre-production assessment, we will identify any psychological vulnerabilities which may be exacerbated through participation in the production and will then offer recommendations regarding proceeding with the contributor throughout the process.

Pre-production assessments are charged per assessment, the fee is determined based on the number of hours we expect the assessment to take. This will be discussed with you prior to commencing work.

On-set Support

Our on-set support involves providing support to contributors and the production team whilst on-location.

On-set support is charged per day but buyout figures per week or per shoot can be discussed.

Post Filming Sessions

We provide post filming support for individuals who may require this level of input. Productions which may require post filming support are true crime productions where the contributor may find their contribution to the production psychologically triggering. Reality TV shows which require contributors to film away from home for long periods, or in challenging situations, may also require post filming sessions.

Post filming sessions can be charged per hour or as part of a contributor care package.

Therapeutic Support

We offer therapeutic support for a whole variety of reasons. This support may be required to help the contributor process their participation in the production or it may be required to support them with the media attention they receive once the production goes to transmission. We also offer therapeutic support to members of production teams who are working on particularly challenging productions.


Therapeutic support can be charged per hour, as part of a package of hours or as part of a contributor care package.

Bespoke Support

For large scale, high profile productions we often deliver a full range of support such as input on questions for doctors records request, informed consent protocols, being involved in the audition process, psychological risk assessments, home visits, family conversations, onset support, major event support as part of the production, post productions support, ongoing post transmission support.

Bespoke support tends to be charged on a buyout basis for a full package of support.