The Media Clinic provides expert psychological Support for those working in Film & TV

With our years of experience working in the film & TV industry, our multi-disciplinary team of qualified and registered mental health professionals understand the complex nature of contributor care and where difficulties may arise throughout the production process.

We understand how specific demands vary for those who are regular television contributors as opposed to those who are new to television, and offer care packages to accommodate these differing needs.

This knowledge enables us to support productions from pre-production right through to post transmission and beyond, to ensure that Ofcom compliant contributor care is delivered. 

We provide a full range of psychological services to safeguard the welfare of everyone involved in the film and TV industry.  



It is our aim to offer comprehensive duty of care support for film and TV contributors. 

We hope to streamline psychological duty of care processes for regular television contributors.

 By offering ongoing support to regular television contributors, upon request, we can provide up to date reports to production companies regarding their fitness to participate. This reduces the number of psychological assessments that each contributor has to undergo, which in turn reduces the risk of psychological harm which can be caused by regular in depth assessments. 

It also ensures that the individual has one specific support system that they can build a relationship and trust with, rather than having multiple support systems with people that they don’t feel able to confide in.

Through our ongoing psychological input with contributors, we are able to ensure that they are supported throughout the production and beyond.

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